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Business community hopes for revival of Kashmir’s business sector


 Srinagar, Feb 13 (KNS): After suffering heavy losses for over six-months, business community in Kashmir are hoping for revival of all business sectors in the valley.

Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries, President Sheikh Ashiq Ahmad said all businesses are “dying” in Kashmir.
He said it was government’s responsibility how to revive all business sectors of Kashmir.
“Government is trying to bring new investors in Kashmir and nobody is against that. But government has to think about people who suffered heavy losses since August last year,” he told KNS. 
Ashiq said they met Lieutenant Governor Girish Chandra Murmu whose assured them that government was working for revival of J&K economy.
“He (Murmu) assured us that government is coming up with a certain policy which will take care of all businesses that have suffered. We hope good times return to Kashmir for which government needs to take several measures,” he said.
John Mohammad, who runs travel agency-Burooj Tour said lack of internet facilities cost tour and travel agents very costly. “Restoration of 2G internet services provided us some relief. Tourism may return only if their remains normalcy in Kashmir,” he added.  
In 2018, Kashmir received 316434 tourists between August and December. In 2019, the number fell to 43059 for the same period.
The region faced a loss of Rs17,800 crore in the 120 days after August 5, according to the Preliminary Economic Loss Assessment Report by the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries.
The Valley-based exporters are unable to connect with their clientele spread across India and abroad. This had led to a massive fall in the exports of handicrafts. 
Following a Supreme Court order on January 10, the government announced it would restore 2G mobile data on post-paid mobile phones. But access was only allowed to a white list of websites as per the order.
Meanwhile, a senior official of tourism department told KNS that government was making efforts for revival of tourism. “We are also holding road shows for promotion of tourism,” he said. (KNS)