BJP strategically gears up for 2024 parliamentary polls, sets sights on all seats in JK UT

Ishtiyaq Ahmad

Srinagar, Nov 21 (KNS): In a move aimed at consolidating its political stronghold, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has initiated an extensive campaign in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir to prepare party cadres for the upcoming 2024 parliamentary elections.
The party's leadership has reportedly set a comprehensive plan into motion, involving the meticulous selection and training of party cadres to ensure they are well-versed with local issues and can effectively connect with the diverse population of Jammu and Kashmir.

“This strategy is in line with the BJP's overarching goal to not only maintain its existing support base but also to expand its reach in areas where it has traditionally faced challenges,” one of the top BJP leaders told KNS.
“The party is committed to a democratic process and believes in representing the aspirations of the people. Jammu and Kashmir holds immense strategic and cultural significance for India, and we are determined to offer strong and effective leadership in the region,” the leader added.
Insiders reveal that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is proactively gearing up for the 2024 Parliamentary polls, with a strategic focus on not only securing both Lok Sabha seats of Jammu and Udhampur, which the party has successfully held for two consecutive terms in 2014 and 2019, but also aiming to clinch the third seat in South Kashmir-Poonch.
The party's meticulous preparations extend beyond maintaining its stronghold in Jammu and Udhampur; it has set its sights on the challenging South Kashmir-Poonch constituency, signaling an ambitious bid to expand its electoral footprint in the region.

This particular constituency is notable for its substantial Pahadi population, and the BJP aims to connect with this demographic by addressing their concerns and aspirations.
This move is indicative of the BJP's intention to diversify its representation in Jammu and Kashmir and overcome historical electoral barriers.
In addition to these endeavors, the BJP is also strategizing to put up a formidable performance in the remaining two Lok Sabha seats of Srinagar-Budgam and Baramulla-Kupwara. The party is keen on making significant inroads in these constituencies, recognizing the importance of a comprehensive and widespread electoral presence.
As the BJP intensifies its preparations, political observers are closely monitoring the party's moves in South Kashmir-Poonch, anticipating a heightened electoral contest.
The challenge for the BJP lies not only in retaining its existing seats but also in effectively navigating the intricacies of a diverse electorate in order to secure a third seat in this crucial region.
The upcoming 2024 Parliamentary polls in Jammu and Kashmir are poised to be a significant battleground, and the BJP's proactive approach underscores the party's determination to play a pivotal role in shaping the political landscape of this strategically important union territory.
The political landscape in Jammu and Kashmir has witnessed significant shifts since the abrogation of Article 370, and the BJP aims to capitalize on these changes.
“The party has been actively engaging with local communities, addressing their concerns, and showcasing developmental initiatives undertaken by the central government to garner support,” insiders said.
Meanwhile, as per the reports at the end of November month, BJP National General (Organizations), BL Santosh will visit Kashmir to engage in crucial discussions with senior party functionaries, heads of various cells, and other key figures.
“The primary agenda of his visit is to assess and review the party's preparations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The meetings are expected to provide a platform for strategic deliberations and organizational planning as the BJP gears up for the electoral challenges in the region ", the report said. (KNS)

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