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August 15 Black Day for JK People: JKDFP

Condemns the arrests, curbs


Srinagar, Aug 13 (KNS): The people of Jammu Kashmir are not opposed to the independence of India nor they have any enmity with it, they only want that their political rights should be accepted. They observe August 15 every year as black day to protest against India which has stolen their freedom. This was stated by the Spokesperson of Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) ahead of the Indian Independence Day.
In a statement to KNS, JKDFP Spokesperson said that incarcerated chief of the party Shabir Shah always used to say that Jammu Kashmir People respect the freedom of every country but India has deceitfully curbed the freedom of Jammu Kashmir people so they must protest on every August 15 to stress upon New Delhi and the world that they cannot surrender their rights before Indian military might.
JKDFP Spokesperson remembered India how it fought against Britain for her freedom. The irony is that same India has now curbed the freedom of Jammu Kashmir people using deceitful politics. The Jammu Kashmir people are fighting for their freedom the same way as India was fighting against British.
The Spokesperson strongly condemned the arrests and curbs throughout the disputed region and said that August 15 comes with fresh oppression and suppression for the people of Kashmir. Common people are being asked about their identity in their own homeland by those who do not belong to the region and our houses are being searched and ransacked. This all is done in the name of so called security and people are made to remain caged for the whole day till the Indian agents complete their formalities on fixed venues. This shameful military operation in Kashmir is called as “Independence Day”. (KNS)