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Attacks on Kashmiris distressing, apparently instigated by ruling regime: JRL


Srinagar, Feb 20 (KNS): Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) comprising Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Muhammad Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik Wednesday condemned the unrelenting attacks on Kashmiris in various Indian cities.
In a statement issued to KNS, JRL said attacks on Kashmiri businessmen, students, tourists and people from other walks of life in various states of India is distressing and apparently ‘instigated by the ruling regime of India’.
“The videos and photographs of Kashmiris being beaten, humiliated, looted, vandalized and oppressed in various Indian states will only push more Kashmiri youth to the wall and path of rebellion,” JRL said.
Terming these attacks as ‘distressing and horrible’, JRL said that attacks on Kashmiri students including female students in different colleges, universities and institutions across India, business men, tourists and people from other walks of life including government employees is in every respect a dangerous trend that is promoting hatred between humans.
“From last one weak, Kashmiri students, businessmen, tourists are being beaten ruthlessly by unruly mobs, shops and business centers are being looted, vandalized and humiliated in broad day light with police in many cases watching as mute spectators,” they said.
They added this widespread, ‘organized unilateral violence’ against Kashmiris is apparently instigated by the ruling regime in India as no one till date has been penalized or arrested for these hateful attacks.
“When announcements of vengeance come from as high as Prime minister’s office, home minster and other political class, when a sitting governor of Meghalaya Tathagata Roy is tweeting publicly to boycott, rape, massacre and kill Kashmiris and he is not even asked to restraint and when TV channels dying for their TRP are let free to spread hatred and venom, how can these ugly attacks be termed as mere acts of resentment and anger,” they added.
JRL said that in 1984, after the assassination of former Indian prime minster Mrs. Indra Ghandi, Sikhs all over India especially in Delhi were in same manner attacked systematically and a campaign of hatred was launched to defame them.
They said now Kashmiris are being targeted all over India, careers of students is being toyed with; businessmen are being vandalized and looted at will which is highly condemnable.
Terming the attacks on students including female students as most atrocious, JRL said that first mobs were let free to harass, beat and humiliate them and afterwards these students are being booked under concocted charges, suspended from studies and hence left in jeopardy. “On one hand rulers are not letting anyone to establish private colleges, varsities and institutions in Kashmir and on other hand we are witnessing the ruination of their careers in Indian states which is most unacceptable,” they added.
“Ruling and political class in India should realize the fact that videos, news and images of Kashmiris being beaten, vandalized, looted and humiliated in India, will only promote hatred between humans and push more youth from Kashmir to the armed path and hence promote violence,” JRL said.
“When you ruin career of young scholars and students by beating, humiliating and vandalizing them and instead of penalizing any attacker, reprimand and punish those attacked by suspending them from colleges and veracities, what alternative way are you leaving for these scholars but to tread the path of rebellion,” JRL asked.
Leaders said that Kashmiris throughout history have always safeguarded religious harmony and protected all outsiders living or working here and “we will stand firm and provide safety, relief and other assistance to every outsider present on our land in future too and uphold our tradition in ensuring the safety of every human being.” (KNS) 

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