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Angry Kashmir questions PM’s silence on attacks against them


Srinagar, Feb 14 (KNS): The Kashmiris across the political lines are aghast at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for maintaining graveyard silence over the criminal attacks against common Kashmiris in various parts of India.
After the Pulwama attack claimed by militant outfit Jaish e Mohammad, common Kashmiris are made subject to torture and intimidation in various parts of the country without any fault of them.
In these testing times for Kashmiris across the mainland India when threat to life is looming large at them, the single tweet from the Prime Minister would have ensured safety for them.
"Sadly PM Modi didn't speak a single word against these goons who attack Kashmiris. Students were forced to leave colleges, quit studies mid way, traders looted, but it didn't move Modi. His deafening silence questions the veracity of these attacks," said Afaq Ahmad, a local Kashmiri.
Another Kashmiri, Bilal Ahmad, believes that three words from the PM would have ensured safety for Kashmiris. "But it is very clear now that the govt is least bothered about our safety," he said.
There have been numerous gruesome attacks on Kashmiris.
Three Kashmiri shawl traders were assaulted and robbed while on a train to Haryana from Delhi while hundreds of students were forced to leave colleges.
In various such attacks, many people sustained serious injuries following the growing instances of public anger against innocent Kashmiris across the country.
The statements made by the local political parties about safety of Kashmiris had no takers in the Prime Minister’s office. Will the Prime Minister speak remains to be seen? (KNS)

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