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Amira Kadal’s past representatives making cry of a thief: Kadfeen


Srinagar, May 15 (KNS): Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary said on Wednesday that the prevalence of development deficit in Amira Kadal constituency of Srinagar is due to the non- serious approach of its past representatives. 

Interacting with several delegations, Kadfeen said that it is ironic how the people who remained in power and enjoyed high positions in the government are at present ruing over the lack of development of Amira Kadal while as it is quite natural that they should be grilled over what good they have done to the place which acts as a  centre of Jammu and Kashmir’s summer capital. 

Kadfeen said that by trying to hoodwink people through slogans of development deficit, the leaders in question are in actual ruthlessly exposing none but themselves. 

He added that Amira Kadal should have been turned into a smart city  log ago as the tax collection in the constituency is much more than the other areas due to being a hub of trade and commerce. However, said Kadfeen, Amira Kadal has been given peanuts and those who claimed to represent its interests in the corridors of power only preferred their self aggrandisement and serving personal interests.

Kadfeen added that Amira Kadal deserves a comprehensive roadmap to turn the place into a hub of development. “The dilapidated condition of roads, inundation of dust and water in its alleys has become the trade mark of the place and that the Congress will bring saner voices of the constituency together to explore ideas for its overall upliftment and worth to hail development,” Kadfeen said. (KNS) 

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