5 August darkest day for Kashmir politics: Rouf Bhat

Srinagar, July 27 (KNS): Peoples Democratic party leader on Monday has said that the 05 August was the darkest day in the political history of Kashmir when constitutional guarantees were snatched unconstitutionally and Undemocratically.
In a statement issued to KNS he Rouf Bhat said “As we all know article 370 and 35a was the instrument of accession which unfortunately BJP government led by Modi ji not only abrogated but also divided erstwhile jammu and Kashmir in to two union territories.
He said It was the big mental and Psychological trauma for the people of j&k when leadership were locked up illegally and unlawfully after imposing curbs even on the basic amenities. Even communication was barred for about six months, Economy crippled and chaos is still prevalent in the hearts and minds of the people of j&k.
BJP is planning to celebrate 05 August as festival , but I fail to understand in what respect they want to celebrate this dark day.
Do they want to celebrate their role in internationalising the Kashmir issue in the international institutions which had not happened since 70 years.
He also said “Do they want to celebrate that they have made china officially third party of this issue or they want to celebrate the plight of people of j&k what they have suffered and are still suffering after imposing illegal curbs on every basic amenities even main stream leaders are locked up under illegal detentions
As far as PDP is concerned our stand is clear right from the beginning, we are not fighting only for revocation of art 370 and statehood. PDP is not only a political party PDP is an ideology. PDP is a movement which represents the aspirations of the people of J&k, We always try to bridge the two nuclear powers for long lasting peace and harmony not only in Kashmir but in whole sub continent. Bhat remarked (KNS)

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