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‘Karwaan-e-Aman’ the route to Indo-Pak Sufiyat bears similarity with Kartarpur corridor: Renzushah

“Grateful to GoI for allowing Karwan-e-Aman to continue”


Srinagar, Apr 19 (KNS): Chairman Kashmir Society International Khawaja Farooq Renzushah expressed deep gratitude to authorities who deleted provision of ban on travel by Karwaan-e-Aman while imposing ban on LoC trade on timely request by Kashmir society.

He said that records are clear and obvious that the name of Karwan-e-Aman was given by me in my capacity as Director Information along with committee in which my Deputy Directors Fida Hussain and Mr. Manto and local journalists of Jammu & Kashmir were part of committee.

“My name was accordingly accepted by the chief secretary. This name was given on basis of my strong belief in Sufiyat and blessing of Awaliys, Sufi saints and iconic personalities who are symbol of love and peace believed by devotees in both countries,” Renzushah said.

He said that when MHA imposed ban yesterday Kashmir society international immediately through SOS messages approached concerned authorities and requested that Karwan-e-Aman should not be disrupted at all as it is last hope of peace and love.

“Like Kartarpur corridor the real purpose of Karwan-e-Aman was also initially to strengthen Tasawuf and Sufiyat.”

He said that our most reverend holy Sufi Shrine of Hazrat Kamal Sahib who had arrived in 13th century through this route exists in Salambad.

Renzushah said that this route was known as Shahar-e-Kamal sahib which is at present controlled both sides by respective Armies and wrongly pronounced by India & Pakistan Army as Kaman posts or Kaman road.

He said that this is exclusively road of Sufiyat and introduction of trade through this route was mockery absolutely wrong decision.

“The real trade route of Kashmir is silk route via Kargil, Askardu, Khapsi, Khanjreeb to Kashgar which may be revived,” Renzushah added.

Renzushah said Kashmir never got any benefit through LOC road via Kamal Sahib road wrongly called Kaman Post Road.

“It was exploited by political mafia for party funds through most dangerous means. Parties were using industry officers to drop or include persons of their choices to have permission of operating trade on this route. The USA, western & Gulf smuggled dry fruits Giries, bananas tomato and onions, Basmaties were being brought and being sold in black market in Delhi & Bombay. The list of those who were given permission by industries department to operate these routes may be made public and all their political connections will get exposed automatically. It was not only barter of goods but barter of LOC operation licenses which is part of international scandal .The trucks used for operation were mostly deputed by non local goods agencies who have earned thousands of crores through this trade which no doubt was in name of Kashmir but goods never belonged to Kashmir from both sides nor were being sold in Kashmir. The illegal earnings were going through concerned officers & tradesmen to local political parties which may be recovered. Their payment to buy votes is mostly from LOC trade and blue saffaire trade in Sancham hills of Kishtwar,” Renzushah added.

He said that sole purpose of this route should be restricted to peace, love and Sufiyat. All Sufi Ulmas of Pakistan and India should be allowed freely to travel through Shahra-e-Hazrat Kamal Sahib and trade should be revived through Shahr-e-Ibrashim silk route which belongs to Kashmir.

“Even both India and Pakistan should keep this route charge free and establish free langers for devotee so that real friendship emerges on people to people contacts. It will not only help peace, love and Sufiyat only but the collapsed economy of Kashmir will get strengthened,” he said. (KNS)