Youth Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference Lights Up Kulgam with Hope and Empowerment”

 District Leaders Rally for Change in ‘Wise’ Program, Paving the Way for Youth Participation and Progress”


Srinagar August 30(KNS)In a remarkable display of enthusiasm and determination, the Youth Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference recently organized the ‘Wise (Wear Smiles, Ignite Souls, Empower Youths)’ program in the picturesque district of Kulgam. The event, graced by the esteemed presence of JKPC Vice President Nazir Ahmad Laway, Youth President Mudasir Karim, and General Secretary Azad Parwaaz, marked a significant step towards empowering the vibrant youth of the region.


PC Vice President Nazir Ahmad Laway, a beacon of leadership, kick-started the event by calling upon the district body members for interaction and motivation. In a stirring address, he emphasized the strength and unity within their ranks, assuring all that they would openly participate in the upcoming panchayat / ULB elections. His words resonated with hope, inspiring the youth to actively engage in the democratic process.


Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel38;margin-top:0.0pt;margin-bottom:0.0pt;">General Secretary of youth JKPC Azad Parwaaz took the stage to articulate the party’s unwavering commitment to youth empowerment. He emphasized the importance of providing opportunities, education, and skills training to the young generation, fostering their growth as responsible citizens who can drive positive change in the region. Parwaaz’s vision ignited a sense of purpose among the attendees, who saw a brighter future on the horizon.


Youth JKPC President Mudasir Karim, an eloquent advocate for change, delved into the party’s history. He shed light on the injustices perpetuated by past governments and highlighted the pressing need for transformation. Karim passionately urged the youth to enroll themselves in the voter list, recognizing that their votes held the key to effecting real change. His words acted as a clarion call, urging the young minds of Kulgam to unite and vote for a brighter, more equitable future.


The 'Wise' program served as a testament to the Youth Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Conference’s dedication to uplifting the youth and the entire region. With leaders like Nazir Ahmad Laway, Azad Parwaaz, and Mudasir Karim at the helm, there is no doubt that the energy and determination of the youth in Kulgam will translate into tangible progress, bringing about a new era of hope, empowerment, and prosperity for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.(KNS)

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