Youth have the power to get back special status

People need azadi from Gupkari’s: Er Yatoo

People need azadi from Gupkari’s: Er Yatoo

Srinagar,Oct 26 (KNS): Youth of Jammu & Kashmir are competent enough to get back special status as they have the potential to do so, but the way Gupkari’s are trying to mislead people in the name of restoring article 370 is only a hoax said Engineer Nazir Ahmad Yatoo senior political leader and former PDP Provincial President ( youth) .

In a statement issued to KNS reads, he said that for many decades Abdullah family raised Raishumari slogan and then restoring pre 1953 autonomy was their slogan during `1996 elections but Kashmiris neither got Raishumari nor Autonomy and were stripped of even article 370.

PDP also was raising the slogan of self -rule for many years and then the same party joined hands with BJP post 2014 assembly elections.

“The Gupkaris are only misleading people. They have always been after power and this is very much visible even now . Dr Farooq raises slogans of getting back special status and on the other hand he is not ready to say no to the salary and perks he gets as MP Lok sabha. Same is the case with his two other MPs and members of PDP and other people associated with the Gupkar gang. All the leaders must leave Gupkar bungalows and security provided by Govt and then talk to people . Yatoo urged people to seek azadi from Gupkaris who were now misleading people with hollow slogans by making youth to come on streets and continue with violence ” said Yatoo

He added that both NC and PDP were responsible for stone pelting in Kashmir. When NC was in power PDP used to make youth throw stones and when PDP came to power NC did same thing and both used to accuse Geelani "(KNS) 

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