Youth convention held in Handwara by Activists

Handwara August 30:(KNS) A youth convention was held in Handwara Town Hall today under the leadership of youth activist Mudasir Tantray. The convention was attended by number of youth activists. The event was held to discuss and chart out a way forward for the various developmental issues of Handwara. Mudasir stressed upon giving Handwara a District status and said that he will continue to take this issue with the government till Handwara is declared as a District. He also demanded that bungus valley be developed as per an international tourist destination. Bungus has the potential to be an international tourist destination and by developing it on those lines, it will not only bring equitable development to the area but also will create jobs and businesses for the youth of Handwara and Kupwara. He said Ramhall needs to be considered a new constituency so that separate funds can be allocated to Ramhall which will bring development in the area. Ramhall has been ignored on all developmental fronts till now and he pledged that it’s time to develop Ramhall as per the aspiration of the youth. Youth leader Touseef Raina was also present in the convention. While speaking about the future of Kashmir he stressed that youth is the major stakeholders of peace and prosperity of the valley. youth of Kashmir needs to participate not only in governance process but also need to develop good entrepreneurial skills. The youth of Kashmir is very talented but unfortunately there has been no platform where they have been given a fair play ground to showcase their skills. It’s time that youth steps forward and takes over the mantle of development and peace in its own hands. He urged the youth to shun the defunct subsidy pattern for new business avenues and instead work more on self sustaining and global investment models to create world class business houses in Kashmir. A large number of youth from handwara participated in the convention. They pledged to stand on the development issues of Handwara. (KNS) 

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