Woman says she Gave birth to baby boy, accuses JVC authorities of replacing it with body of baby girl

DOB issued by hospital mentions lady delivers boy; Family seeks LG help

DOB issued by hospital mentions lady delivers boy; Family seeks LG help

There was mistake in DOB; Lady gave birth to girl; Let the family go for DNA to clear suspect: Medical Superintendent JVC 

Srinagar, Nov 16 (KNS): In a sheer negligence, the JVC hospital authority in Bemina, Srinagar Wednesday allegedly handed over the body of baby girl to a family whose daughter delivered a boy 12 days back at the health facility.

"My wife delivered a baby 12 days ago at the health centre. Due to his deteriorating health conditions, I was not allowed to visit him as the boy as per hospital authorities was put on ventilator", husband of the lady told KNS.

"The doctors at the time of delivery said both lady and newborn boy is stable but both of them have to stay at hospital for few days under observation of doctors", he said.

"I had been asked to bring clothes for my son which I did. However, yesterevening I was given the body of a little girl wrapped in a shroud which left shell shocked us," he said.

"Whereas earlier I was told that your wife had given birth to a son and he stayed with her for about ten days, we were not even allowed to see him," he said and questioned that if his child was a boy for twelve days, why today he was turned to a girl.

Another relative said the birth certificate issued by the hospital administration clearly stated that the lady gave birth to a boy.

He said that it clearly indicates that we have been given someone else's child to us which is unacceptable. "We have knocked doors of each and every officer of the hospital administration, but no one is able to answer properly," he said.

The family made a request to Lieutenant Governor to investigate the matter and bring culprits to the task.

Medical Superintendent JVC, Dr Shafa said they have received the pregnant lady on Nov 04, and subsequently her sergery was conducted by senior doctors following which she along with her baby girl were admitted in seperate wards.

She said that some minor error has been took place in records as a child was enrolled male instead of female.

She added the child was on ventilator due to which her father was not allowed to visit her. "If they suspect something they can even go for DNA test to check reality," she added.

The MS futher said that an enquiry has been also initiated in this regard and if anyone is found to be involved from our side, action will be taken. (KNS)



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