Will consult other colleagues to decide future strategy: Tara Chand after being expelled from DAP

Says before expelling him from party, he should have been consulted

Says before expelling him from party, he should have been consulted

Srinagar, Dec 22 (KNS): Hours after he was expelled from the Democratic Azad party (DAP), former deputy chief minister Tara Chand Thursday said that he will consult with his other colleagues for the strategy ahead.

Talking to Kashmir News Service (KNS), he said that the party should have informed him before expelling him from the party. 

"What accusations have been made against me, what is my fault, the party president should be knowing all these things. But before expelling me I should have been consulted,” he said. 

Asked about the anti party activities as mentioned by the DAP, he said the name of the party has not been made yet, so where did the anti-party activities come from.

On being asked about specific reason of his expulsion, he said that the party president himself knows the actual reason. "As many activities as I did in the party, maybe anyone would have done so many. Their politics may diverge in the future, but I always respected Azad sahab and will continue to do so in the future,” he said. 

He claimed he brought twice the number of people to the party and they are with him now. 

“We are in no rush, we will sit with our colleagues and discuss the strategy ahead," he added. (KNS)

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