Why have those who claim to represent Kashmiris forgotten the historic significance of Observing ‘State Flag Day’

Srinagar,8 June (KNS): Awami Itehad Party today on the occasion of “State Flag Day” appealed once again to the people of Jammu and Kashmir need to understand the historic significance of such occasions. Through a Live Interaction Senior AIP leader and Party Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai addressed the people and brought to light the historic significance of Jammu Kashmir Flag day.
In a statement issued to KNS, he said that very fact that India acknowledged such a historic day, corresponds to internationally recognizing Kashmir as a state within a state, akin to Greenland’s relationship with Denmark. Party Spokesperson elucidated how Kashmir had its own Prime Minister, Sadr-E-Riyasat, Flag and it’s own constitution. Awami Itehad Party and it’s leadership has always time and again since its very inception stressed upon the need to preserve symbols of Kashmiri indigenous identity along with striving for logical conclusion of settlement of Kashmir dispute. It is true that even reinstating 370 and 35-A in original form cannot resolve the issue until aspirations and wishes of people of Jammu and Kashmir are honored as per the United Nations Resolutions. But we must understand India’s recognition of 370 and 35-A in itself, even as per Indian narrative was an acceptance of Kashmir as a sovereign state within a state. He added that it has been a mission for AIP leadership to protect whatever was constitutionally guaranteed to Kashmiris and politically persevere for resolution of seven decades old Kashmir dispute. Ashai said as form of protest party did not conduct any lavish function this year to for once prove a political point, how so called imposters who claim to represent Kashmir have always failed to live up to their duties, when time demands. He questioned the criminal silence of pro-india political outfits like NC, PC, PDP, those who claimed to represent Kashmiris on core issues like 370,35A as well as their grave disregard for such a historic occasion. Through the live interaction party cleared and reiterated its stated public stand on various core issues post the unconstitutional, undemocratic, illegal abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A. Ashai reiterated and assured people of Kashmir that genuine leadership would never compromise or relinquish its cause under any circumstances, come what may. He rubbish the Hindutva machinations of BJP and Modi and assured people of Jammu and Kashmir that at all costs, Awami Itehad Party would use its good offices in negating such dastardly plans of ruling dispensation. Speaking on the occasion Ashai questioned all those political outfits and their representatives who would vilify and cast aspersions on credible leadership including AIP Supremo Er Rashid. He asked reason why today more than ever when people need them the most, so called “representatives” have chosen to leave Kashmiris literally at mercy of God? He added that time has been the best judge and revealed everyones reality in Kashmiri politics, in front of the entire world to decide. Decades old, tried and tested tricks for once have failed. At least we hope people now see through all these tactics of vested interests and anti-Kashmir forces and recognize the need to address trust deficit in Kashmiri society. AIP Spokesperson stressed on need for entire Kashmir nation to understand importance of resisting disenfranchising designs of current Government who are using every trick in the book to reduce Kashmiris to status of second class citizens in their own nation. He appealed Kashmiris all over the world to stand by, support legitimate leadership and in unison send a strong message to New Delhi that Kashmiris would never surrender, succumb to any hardball tactics and resolving Kashmir issue is the only way out of decades old-political quagmire.(KNS)

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