Which Is The Fastest Internet Provider In India In 2022

May 10: The digital connectivity in India has improved, thanks to the efforts of the government. Even though the connectivity of the internet has improved, in terms of coverage, the speed of the internet varies from one region to another. According to recent research on the Global Index of Ookla, India is currently experiencing a tad slower internet speed and it has dropped to the 129th rank for mobile internet speed in terms of fixed broadband speed, the rank of India is 65th. The download speed has decreased but the upload speed has increased and also, the latency rate has reduced which is a good indicator for the country. According to recent data, the current average upload speed for the fixed broadband is 50.75 Mbps and the download speed is 53.9 Mbps. 

The Fastest Internet Service Provider In India 

India currently houses many internet service providers. With so many options available, one might wonder which internet service provider is actually the fastest internet service provider in India. Currently, the highest internet speed in India is provided by the following internet service providers: Airtel, Reliance Jio Fiber, BSNL, ACT Fibernet Broadband, You Broadband, Tikona Broadband and MTNL Broadband. The fastest internet service provider in India is Bharti Airtel. 

Currently, the biggest internet service provider is Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited. It has the highest share in the market when it comes to internet service providers. Currently, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited owns 53% of the internet market of the country with more than 439 million subscribers. While browsing the internet, it is important to take care of cybersecurity irrespective of the fact, that one is using a normal or a private browser. By checking your IP on What Is My IP, you can also work towards maintaining further digital hygiene. However, when it comes to the fastest internet, the internet service providers that are leading the list are ACT, Excitel, Airtel, Hathaway and BSNL. The companies that have the best internet rates are Xfinity Performance Pro Plus, CenturyLink Fiber Internet, Spectrum Internet and Optimum 1 Gig. 

The Dream Of Digital India 

The Government of India has a dream of creating a Digital India by laying a strong digital foundation. Digital India is trying to create digital connectivity for the unserved and underserved people. This will be extremely helpful in reducing the digital bridge. The government is working towards ensuring affordable and high-speed internet to the Indians, especially by rolling out 5G. The government is also working towards producing local-language content and improving digital literacy in the country. 

Digital India was launched back in 2015 with the slogan, “Power To Empower”. Digital India was created with the objective of creating high-speed internet in rural areas. The internet service providers are helping the government to work towards this dream. Bharti Airtel is the best internet service provider for office work. Jio fibre is extremely affordable even though it has been launched recently. Jio Fiber is one of the best fits for home internet. It is because Jio Fiber not only provides the user with the internet but also with a home entertainment bundle. Also, Jio Fiber provides the users with the highest average speed. 

However, when choosing the internet service provider, there are many things that one needs to consider. For instance, what type of connection is the user looking for. The most common options are copper, fibre and wireless. The internet speed for these connections will be different for different internet service providers. Also, the customer support of the internet service provider plays an extremely important role. The internet is not always up and during such times, the customer support of the internet service provider will play a critical role. These are a few aspects that need to be considered when choosing an internet service provider. Sometimes, the local internet service providers are better than the general internet service provider. Thorough research is required to choose the best internet service, provider. 

According to the latest report of Ookla, the United Arab Emirates tops the rank of mobile internet speed. It is followed by South Korea, Qatar, China, Cyprus, Norway and Saudi Arabia. The average mobile download speed over the globe is 56.74 Mbps and the same download speed for India is 17.77 Mbps. The average mobile upload speed is 12.61 Mbps and the mobile upload speed for India is 5.09 Mbps. However, the internet speed will see an increase with the rollout of 5G connectivity.(KNS)

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