Wellfare of 537 seats is important for GOI not 6 seats of J&K: Lal Singh

"Govt busy in looting our resources, starting with soil, now marking deedar trees to take them away"

" All Himalayan states have special provision to regulate population to save glaciers  from melting"

Jammu, Jan 10 (KNS): Former Member Parliament and Chairman Dogra Swabhimaan Sangathan and said that Goverment  is concerned about 537 seats not 6 seats of J&K and is busy in looting resources of J&K.
" There is no development, employment, education in J&K now. They are concerned about how to levy tax, how to raise power tariff, loot minerals, marking of deodars is being done to take them away from J&K,  sand is being transported outside J&K, people associated with it are no more getting work.
He said this duirng an exclusive interview with KNS.
" When you want destruction, how can development will happen 
Oxygen cylinders are not available in hospitals, internet is not working properly. They charge for 4g and give 2g. When you won't give jobs and power of power projects of our rivers to us. What is fun of these projects for us."  
Reacting to a question on DDC election results, he said, " I don't accept the DDC election,. It was a selection. They actually wanted to divert by their weaknesses. Grievances of people have increased not lessened. Labourers have not been paid. No work has been done. They just want to show that tourism has increased. No one goes to Kashmir now or patnitop. Hoteliers are crying. They are beating the drum that J&K is open for whole population of country. Earlier also anyone would setup industry on lease. After abrogation of Article 370 ,tourism has gone down to zero.
Land to the tiller act gave right of land to the tillers.  Why cannot a tiller of Govt land become owner of that land. Why was only Article 370 removed and 371 is still there. What is animosity with people of J&K."
He rubbished the reports of ever supporting abrogation of Article 370, 
"I have never supported the abrogation of Article 370. I was in favour of trifurcation. Politicians or J&K has angered people of Jammu and Ladakh. Article 370 and Article 371 are one. Now People of Ladakh demand inclusion in 6th schedule to safeguard their rights. Why they only think that J&K was not part of India."
He questioned the GOI for discrimination with J&K
"We the politician's are responsible for it.  Had we not angered people of Jammu and Ladakh, GOI would not have been able to do it. In five districts they got zero recent elections. There is extreme resentment among people against BJP. Recently BJP leaders from Himachal Pradesh were campaigning here. But in HP law prevents outsiders from land and jobs. They should have created seperate PSC for all three places with equal share of jobs. Is anyone begging in J&K, that they would done our condition better with removal of Article 370.They should have actually replicated the development model of J&K in others states. There is nothing wrong in federalship. PM Modi as Gujrat CM was in favour of independence of states. Why he is doing against it now. Every region of J&K has a seperate identify."

On being asked whether removal of Article 370 has hit Dogra identify more than other regions, he said, " every region received same treatment. Yes Ladakh was demanding UT status and after getting it they now demand inclusion on 6th schedule.If Kashmiri, Dogri  languages have been included in 8th schedule of the constitution. Why they are not preserving our identity?  When Article 1 of constitution says we are all indians, how come they would make us more indians. In small Distrct of Samba 25000 people are either employed with army or pensioners of Army; still we have to prove our nationalism. Our youngestors are guarding borders.

Reacting to a question on restoration of statehood, he said, "370 will be given to state.  There should be one one state of Jammu carved. 
He blamed PAGD of  not being impartial regarding Jammu and I have never done it against Kashmir.
"They are together in Kashmir only and not in Jammu. Why they didn't talk with people only. I am always ready to help my Kashsmiri brothers but I am against politicians. They came together only after they had problem. Before 1947 Jammu had 4 districts and in Kashmir had 2. Now Kashmir has 10 districts. Kashmiri leadership wants best of resources. We don't want to get sandwiched between India and Kashmir, we want a seperate state."

On being asked whether Jammu will face the brunt of influx of more people than Kashmir, " All Himalayan states have been given special status so that population doesn't increase there. If population will increase, temperature will melt glaciers and all would be drowned in rivers. Our colour and shape will change but we won't die, they will die.Temperature of Himalaya has important role for climate of India. As far interests of Dogras are considered. Kashmiris always ignored them, Dogra certificate was removed by them. I won't blame people of Kashmir. Politicians of Jammu and Kashmir are responsible for it. They should have focused on development. Sheikh sb has promised the West Pakistan refugees that they will be treated same way as refugees of PaK. Rest he didn't did. He was then jailed. In whole country BJP beated the drum across country that they have not been given donicle rights in last 70 years. If we would have given them, what was the issue. Now everyone got the domicle. "

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