Welfare schemes of Government existent only on paper, must reach people at the end of queue: AIP

Srinagar March 18:(KNS)  Taking note of on ground sufferings of people across Jammu And Kashmir, Incarcerated Er Rashid lead Awami Itehad Party questioned the lugubrious state of prevailing welfare schemes. Be it schemes for financially underprivileged class; low income groups across various verticals, be it schemes pertaining health sector, social welfare monthly financial assistance scheme. Be it the educational merit-cum means, merit scholarships for deserving candidates, on ground implementation and last mile delivery of such schemes don’t have a satisfactory record in any sense.

In a statement to "Kashmir News Service" (KNS), Party leadership urged the present dispensation to ensure suitable implementation; last mile deliverance of such schemes. If such schemes continue to exist only on papers and don’t reach the last person in the queue, seriously what’s the fun of even having such schemes asked Party Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai? He deplored the present Government for unabashedly lying day in and out, demolishing credibility of one and all in the system. Ashai said, “We know we are dealing with a regime that has impeccable competency in falsehood, deceit and lying to the people at large; usurping their rightful share.

We urge all the party cadres, workers, constituency heads to ensure on ground implementation of such schemes. Our resistance to the politically disenfranchising machinations of present Government doesn’t in any sense mean people be left to fend for themselves. Every party bearer, worker, representative is duty bound to assist people in their respective areas in availing benefits of such schemes”. Awami Itehad party top brass denounced the functioning of present dispensation where every now and then fudged numbers and figures are thrown at people while as on ground things continue to go from bad to worse. Party leadership expressing displeasure over the indecorous working of Modi regime elucidated the importance of role of opposition parties at such a crucial juncture. When Government of day is going all out to parasitically bloodsuck the common man left right and Center its become exceedingly necessary for the opposition political class to unitedly preserve for people’s causes and come to their rescue. Party top brass also castigated those who proscribe people availing such schemes. Till the time Kashmir issue is resolved and people of Kashmir get direct control over their resources, its their legitimate right to avail all succour provided by the regimes of time.

Awami Itehad Party leadership strongly demanded the present administration to facilitate ease in availing welfare schemes, do away with bureaucratic red tape,shun its anti-people parochial approach.(KNS)

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