We need immediate assistance to prevent major Job Losses in tourism sector: JKHC

Srinagar, June 05 (KNS): The J&K Hoteliers Club (JKHC) states that the Tourism Industry of Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) first needs to survive, and then we need to revive. The JKHC has appealed the Powers for emergency assistance for Tourism Sector of J&K, the chairman JKHC Mushtaq Ahmad Chaya said that we need immediate assistance to prevent the major Job Losses in tourism sector but it appears unlikely that the government at Delhi will announce anything specific and tangible for us, although they could have done deep restructuring of finances provided to entrepreneurs of Tourism sector, so under these circumstances we are left with only option of approaching the Hon`ble Supreme Court for contemplation and assistance packages to J&K Hospitality Industry right from last some time.
In a statement issued to KNS Chaya Said the Hoteliers Club has started its exercise for filing the Case and in that direction a virtual baseline survey of all Tourism establishments of J&K will be conducted through online link that will be shared with all stakeholders to fill in the details and a composite document will be framed for suitable accurate action. The Members stated that as the business at our hotels is at a virtual standstill from last more than one year and we are continuously struggling and have suffered massively from past more than one year and thereby we are taking a difficult but necessary step in the form of such action and major salary cuts and layoffs.

Chaya Said, that if the state administration is really concerned about Tourism Sector then at their own level they can consider the complete waiver of all fixed electricity, water usage and other utility charges from Aug-2019 along with refund of GST of the F.Y 2019-20 and 2020-21 collected from all Hoteliers, Guest Houses, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Restaurants and the likes. Chaya further stated that the government should extend all Licenses/Construction and Building Permissions for a period of further one year.

The JK Hoteliers Club has also strongly condemned the high-handed behavior of administration for forcibly occupying Hotels for Quarantine purpose. The members stated that it was unfortunate that the Hotels have been forcibly taken without the consent and availability of operational staff of Hotels and all this was done under the garb of Disaster Management Act. We are confident that the act doesn't empower the officers to threaten, harass and intimidate the hoteliers.

JK Hoteliers in a press statement issued here said that under section 65 of Power of Requisition of resources of Disaster Management act the government have to go for requisition order in writing and it is deplorable that no such requisition was made and instead some officials were behaving in an irresponsible and high-handed manner and takeover our hotels forcibly. At a time when everyone should work unitedly at a crisis time and instead of providing safety and sense of security to people, some officials were behaving as if they were alone working to curb the spread of COVID-19. The J&K hoteliers club requested the government to respond immediately and take action against administration concerned and ensure that such incidents would not recur, the hoteliers are already under extreme stress for past one year and in addition to that if any damage will occur to our properties who will compensate, the high-handed behaviour is NOT acceptable. (KNS)


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