Water Scarcity In Pattan, SDM orders seizure of Boosters, Motors On Pipelines

Mohsin Khan

Pattan 13 April (KNS)Amid Water scarcity in many areas of Pattan, Many villagers came on Roads to protest against the illegal Motor boosters on Pipelines during past few days.
As per Reports Reaching to Kashmir News Service (KNS) said that water scarcity has badly effected Many people living in different areas of Sub division Pattan.
AEE PHE Pattan Zahoor Ahmed Told KNS that the water scarcity has been reported due to illegal use of Online Boosters, Motors on Pipelines which effects people in general.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel
People are using illegally drinking water to irrigate Agricultural fields and gardens, He said.
However continues dry wheather was also a reason of less supply in drinking water he added
Meanwhile Sub Divisional Magistrate (SDM) Pattan Syed Fahim Told (KNS) That Order has been issued by this office to seize and impose Fine on people using illegal Online Boosters, Motors on Pipelines.
Action will be taken against the people who illegally use drinking water to irrigate Agricultural fields: He added.(KNS)

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