Viral Video: Baramulla police asks youth to come forward with his version

Srinagar, Jan 13 (KNS): The Jammu and Kashmir Police on Thursday said that there is a viral video circulated by a Baramulla resident claiming that he is being harassed by the police and the if the youth is feeling harassed, he is welcome to come forward with his version. 

According to a statement, issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS), police said that this is in reference to a certain video shared by a resident of Baramulla on social media and lapped up by vested interests and handles.

The statement reads stated that if the youth is being harassed, he is most welcome to come forward and provide his version. “Instead, he has gone incognito and is giving out videos on social media. He can approach any authority he trusts,” it reads.

It reads that the youth was summoned to police station for routine questioning as he is involved in multiple FIRs. “He asked for a few minutes to add layers of warm clothing in front of his family and he jumped out and ran through a window.”

The statement reads that there are thousands of youth who approach them whenever they feel harassed by anyone and everyone reposes high faith and trust in Baramulla Police. “We counsel youth, even when they have made mistakes and people are witness and appreciative of it,” it reads.

It reads that publishing videos while on the run is trying to be over smart. “If it is harassment, we invite him to make a formal complaint before any higher authority or wherever he feels. There is no need to run,” it reads. (KNS)

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