VC LAWDA takes extensive tour of Dal and Nigeen Lake

Srinagar March 18:(KNS)  The Vice Chairman J&K Lakes and Waterways Development Authority along with various other officers and team of engineers including Superintendent Engineer LDA, Secretary LDA, Collector LDA, Executive Engineer Machinal Division LDA, Executive Engineer Ist LDA, and other engineer staff of the Authority took an extensive visit of the Dal & Nigeen Lake.

During his visit the Vice Chairman J&K Lakes and Waterways Development Authority, took stock of the functioning of the hull based  Bio-Digesters which have been recently installed as a pilot project in 06 number of house boats. The Bio-Digesters is a DRDO technology and is under trial that how it behaves in the lake Ecosystem.

Besides, the Deweeding operation and Deweeding plans were also discussed wherein strict directions were passed to the team of officers to take up the necessary lake cleaning operations in a planned and efficient manner so that the Management & Conversation aspects of the lake Ecosystem is carried out lucidly.         

The officer also took a review of the various Mechanical equipment’s including lake cleaning Machinery and asked the concerned divisional head to keep the machines in a functional and in a state of readiness  and to Carry out Deweeding operations in a well planned manner under proper supervision before the onset of Deweeding season.(KNS)

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