Vakil urges PM to call All Party meet to discuss present critical situation in J&K

Srinagar June 08 (KNS) : J&K Peoples Conference Sr. Vice President and former Minister, Abdul Gani Vakil, in a statement today urged the Prime Minister of India to take a serious view of the prevailing atmosphere of fear, and uncertainty in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that the spike in violence and targeted killings in the valley is a matter of great concern which demands serious deliberations and discussions amongst the stakeholders of J&K. He also urged the PM to call a special meeting of all the political leaders of Jammu and Kashmir to discuss the present critical situation and formulate a joint strategy to deal with the current situation through operational and political measures.

‘The situation in the valley at present is such that every citizen is feeling insecure. What makes the matters worse is that the government is looking helpless and has utterly failed in dealing with the situation. It is critical at this juncture for the government to provide a sense of security and safety amongst the citizens of J&K. The government must reach out to the local stakeholders and civil society for ideas and suggestions to curb violence. Without involvement and support of the local elements, this fight against violence cannot be won, he added.
Vakil further stated that GoI should acknowledge the failure of its policies since 2019 and return to the path of engagement and dialogue.
‘’ The administration of J&K and the people of J&K are living on two different planets with nothing in common. This administration operates with a single agenda of distancing the people of Kashmir, including political parties, civil society and intelligentsia from decision making processes, which is proving counterproductive. The need of the hour is to involve more locals rather than side lining them. Even the promise to restore the status of the state has not been fulfilled till date. We are facing great challenges as a state and people. There is an urgent need for the Prime Minister to convene a meeting of all the political leaders associated with the mainstream to find ways and means to address these challenges’’, he added.(KNS) 

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