Usman Majid demands relief for hailstorm hit peasants, Orchardists of Bandipora

Thursday 16 June(KNS) : Former Minister and Jammu Kashmir Apni Party Vice President Usman Majid has demanded immediate relief to the peasants and orchardists whose crops and fruit got damaged due to heavy rains and hail storm in different villages of Bandipora.

He called for a comprehensive compensation for affected farmers, orchardists who suffered extensive damages due to heavy rains and hailstorm that wrecked havoc in Chittibandy, Brar, Gund Dachina, Aragam, Garoora and other villages of Bandipora. The government should assess the damages immediately so that the orchardists and peasants are provided compensation well in time. He said the growers have suffered extensive damage to their crop and apple orchards due to vagaries of weather and in such situation the growers look forward for the government support. "It becomes an obligation for the government to come to the support and succour of the farmers and orchardists as they form the backbone of the UT's economy and have always been suffering on account weather vagaries," he added. (KNS) 

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