Unprecedented Water Scarcity Strikes Karnah's Chamkote

 Peerzada Sayeed

Kupwara, May 26 (KNS): Residents of Chamkote in the Karnah area of Kupwara are facing an unprecedented water scarcity, prompting them to block National Highway 701 in protest. The blockade has severely disrupted traffic movement.
Chamkote, a village of over 1,000 households located 5 km from the Sub District Tehsil Tangdar, has been suffering from a severe water shortage for the past ten days. The lack of water has caused significant distress among residents, affecting their daily lives.
In a bid to draw attention to their plight, the villagers blocked NH 701, a crucial traffic artery in the region, causing major disruptions.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelThey are demanding immediate intervention and justice from the authorities to resolve the water crisis and ensure a sustainable water supply.
"We have been facing water shortages for the last ten days, and no one listens to our genuine demand," said a resident while speaking to our correspondent.
The situation remains tense as residents await swift action from authorities to address their grievances and restore normalcy.(KNS)

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