Unity against dynasts, their pawns our strongest weapon to combat exploitation: Sheikh Imran

Srinagar, Feb 07 (KNS): Former Deputy Mayor Sheikh Imran Thursday said that unity against dynastic politicians and their pawns is the strongest weapon to combat exploitation to reclaim the lost dignity of Jammu and Kashmir.
He said that people of Jammu and Kashmir stand nowadays at a crucial juncture where future hangs in the balance. He said it is the time to break shackles of deceit and manipulation imposed upon us by politicians masquerading as saviors.
“They serve only their own vested interests and those of traditional dynastic parties like JKNC, thriving on blackmail and exploitation at our expense. We must unite in solidarity to expose these manipulators and reclaim our right to a transparent and just political landscape,” he said.
He also said that people of J&K have to be united against those who seek to manipulate and exploit us for their own benefit. “We refuse to be mere pawns in their game of power and deception. With unwavering determination, we will expose every individual involved in these deceitful schemes, using all available platforms, including electronic, print, and social media. These individuals do not represent our hopes and aspirations rather they only serve their own selfish interests. Our unity against dynastic politicians and their pawns is our strongest weapon as we combat exploitation to reclaim our dignity,” he said.
The former deputy mayor added those attempting to hinder change and maintain the dominance of JKNC, know this: your influence is dwindling, and your days of unchecked influence are numbered. We will not tolerate any attempts to obstruct the progress and transformation of our beloved Kashmir. You and your actions will be exposed with condemnations, from the very beginning to the bitter end, he added.
May justice be the beacon that guides us, and may our unified voices resound in the pursuit of change against the brokers or traditional politicians who habitually jump between political parties for their own selfish interests, he continued. (KNS)

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