Union Home Minister mislead Parliament by wrong information

Jammu February 16:(KNS) Union Home Minister Shri Amit shah has dashed the hopes of lakhs of displaced Kashmiri Migrants by misleading Parliament with wrong and incomplete information about the community, 


The Home Minister was replying to the discussion on the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization (Amendment) Bill of 2021 in the Lok Sabha . The Minister said that the government provides Rs 13,000 per month to the families of 44,000 Kashmiri Pandits who have relief cards. "The government also provides free ration and has plans to settle 6,000 youths under PM Package Employment Scheme in the Valley by 2022. The Home Minister also said the Congress was in power when the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits took place in 1990 . He concluded by saying that this is our only commitment & BJPs commitment.


In a statement to KNS, reads, Let me present some facts, In 1989 -1990 when genocide was committed against Kashmiri Pandits which led to the forced exodus of the community, Shri VP Singh was heading the government with the support of the BJP. Unfortunately, the BJP didn’t have courage to pull down the then govt on such a national tragedy .

 Relief & Rehabilitation of Migrants Department (J&K ) has reported that only 20,889 Kashmiri Pandit families are receiving Cash relief, out of which more than 5,000 are non -migrant political workers drawing cash relief fraudulently. These political workers are living in Kashmir ,jammu and belong to the National Conference, PDP, bjp , Congress and others. The total Kashmiri Migrants families registered with the department is 43,930.


The Home Minister is trying to take credit from former Prime Minister ( Shri Manmohan singh ) who had launched the Migrant Return & Rehabilitation Scheme during 2008-2009. Shri Manmohan Singh in

2008-2009 announced employment opportunities for 15,000 unemployed

migrant youths out which ,6000 youth have been accommodated in the

state government jobs.


Remaining 9,000 unemployed youths were to be facilitated to get financial assistance to come up with self-employment / business

ventures. Government of India had also decided then to provide one time assistance of Rs 5 lakh in each case out of which 50% would be grants & 50% as loan. Beyond employment, other schemes were also

launched and implemented, i.e , Housing scheme assistance, Transit accommodation to returnee migrant families, cash relief, student scholarships , assistance to agriculturists, waiver of interest on loans. During Manmohan Singh's regime, under the PM Package 5,242

two room tenements were also constructed in Jammu at four locations.

Manmohan Singhji is the only Prime Minister to have visited a KP Migrant camp in Jammu.


 After the abrogation of Article 370 nothing has changed for Kashmiri Pandit Migrants. In fact deliberate attempt is being made to

sabotage the poor Kashmiri Pandits (KP) in Jammu and Kashmir . New Land laws were made while making Kashmiri Pandits as the scapegoat.


On 19th of February 2020 when a KP delegation met Home Minister Amit

Shah he promised them to resettle all Kashmiri Pandits in their respective 10 districts. In 2018 Home minister, former Governor, former Advisors promised an 8-member KP delegation that all KPs would be rehabilitated back in the valley. However, till date nothing has happened. No separate budget has been allocated by GoI and th estate govt on the return & rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandit Migrants.


* Kashmiri Pandits non-Migrants, who did not leave valley since 1990 had been promised jobs and even the High Court in 2016 ruled in their favour and gave directions also. But till date nothing has happened.


 45 Kashmiri Pandit Migrant candidates, who have been selected for govt jobs but are not getting the appointment letters, have been on relay hunger strike in Jammu near Press Club since last 80 days despite having High Court order and SSRB recommendation. But again the govt has not done anything.


The Modi led BJP govt has been raising our plight at the international level to corner Pakistan. In the country, raises our plight to pin down the opposition. But, in practice what has it done

for the community. It has even failed to constitute an inquiry commission or probe panel to investigate the crimes committed against



*Kashmiri Pandits are the victims of Democide and it is the constitutional and political duty of the government of India and the Jammu and Kashmir government to repatriate the entire exiled Pandit

community to their homeland. It is also their duty to probe the reasons and circumstances of ethnic cleansing, fix the responsibility of the genocide.(KNS) 



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