Unceremoniously disengaging hundreds of ICDS helpers downright diabolic- Sheeban Ashai

LG must immediately revoke this unjust order

LG must immediately revoke this unjust order

Srinagar, September 11:(KNS)  Expressing great displeasure over the disengagement of hundreds of ICDS helpers, Senior Awami Itehad Party leader Sheeban Ashai castigated Govt of the day for such outlandish anti-people decisions. At a time when every starta of society is financially suffering thanks to Govt’s inefficious response to Covid-19 and subsequent economic crises, rendering hundreds of ICDS helpers jobless shows administration’s lamentable insensitivity towards people’s predicaments.

According to a statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS) reads, It is highly unfortunate that those occupying chairs of power have even lost basic empathy for the working classes. What can be more unfortunate than the fact when unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir in about 17.8 percent; highest as compared to other places in India, with a single stroke of pen nearly 918 helpers to supervisors workers employed in the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Scheme of Social welfare department have been rendered jobless. Rather than making things better for the common masses it seems BJP Government in Delhi and its administration in Kashmir have taken it upon themselves to snatch every dignified means of earning a living for hardworking Kashmiris. 

It is highly infelicitous that Government has thousands of crores to spend in advertisements but seems to awfully out of funds even to pay the employees working in various departments. Ashai rued, “Those who were tagged heroes; called front line workers in times of Covid-19 are now being unceremoniously shown the door”. This is just outright shameful, rather than introspecting; coming up with new avenues of employment generation at a time when entire Jammu and Kashmir is suffering from worst levels of unemployment it seems snatching bread and butter from every respectful citizen has become top agenda for ruling BJP.

Ashai strongly condemned order of disengagement of ICDS helpers to supervisors, sought direct intervention of LG Manoj Sinha. He advised the Government of day to not follow policy of rubbing salt on people’s wounds; immediately revoke this unjust order and furthermore look into the issue of unpaid wages of various need based, seasonal workers engaged in other departments.(KNS

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