Tractor Union Jammu Chairman Mohd Aarif Meets JKPM President Dr Gh Mustafa Khan

Jammu February 9:(KNS)  Tractor-Trolly Union delegation led by its Chairman Mohd Arif on Tuesday called on Jammu and Kashmir people movement party state president Dr. mustafa and  here in Jammu today and highlighted their grievances. Mohd Arif while briefing  said that in the wake of restrictions on lifting of sand and gravel from river beds, tractor and trolley operators have been rendered jobless.Arif demanded relief package to save the tractor owners from starvation. “Time and again we have taken up the matter with concerned authorities but nothing has been done in this regard so far,” he claimed adding that tractor trolley operators who had secured loans from the banks are finding it hard to pay the installments due to total collapse of their business as there are restrictions on mining besides the ongoing Covid pandemic. Arif also said that all this has resulted in untold miseries to numerous families who are dependent on the tractor trolley business. He also demanded waiving off of loans of the affected persons as a goodwill gesture in keeping with the fundamentals of a welfare state.Arif also said, while mafia continue to control illegal mining, several government projects and general public is badly suffering as the rates of the building material like sand, gravel and stones have increased manifold. He said as per High Court decision if any vehicles found in illegal mining will be seized for six months in first attempt followed by one year for second attempt. “If any vehicle will be stopped for six months then how the owner of the vehicle should pay a bank loan with huge interest,” he said adding that this will create problems for thousands of families whose livelihood is linked with sand and stone mining.He said the government lifted the ban in many districts but failed to take the same decision in favour of workers.
At present as Union daligation Ajay Kumar, Ayub  ,tajinder Singh Rampal ,bhagat Raja Singh Koshal sharma.(KNS

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