Time not right for opening gardens, community classes: JKCSF

Srinagar July 11:(KNS) Jammu and Kashmir Civil Society Forum has exressed concern over some of the vague decision of authorities of opening gardens and parks and starting community classes for children at a time when their is a surge in the positive cases of the deadly pandemic of COVID-19.
JKCSF Chairman Abdul Qayoom Wani in a statement issued to KNS, said that both the desicions of the authorities are not good enough as per the time is concerned with regard to the increasing proportion of the infection and the alarms raised by the doctors here.
Wani said All experts of medicine and even the Doctors Association have been warning about the concern of the disease and the lacunae of the people by virtue of taking the SOPs easy and roamig on roads parks and playgrounds like normal times.
Wani said it is the duty and responsibility of the govt to control the mobs and masses and making them bound to act upon the SOPs.
Wani expressed concern over the introduction of community classes in villages and mohallas and questioned its logic of closing schools and opening them in villages sarcastically.
Wani urged upon the government to reconsider its decision of starting community classes keeping in view alarming of covid-19.
He said it amounted again to assemble at one place and it messed up the online classes as well.
Wani said JKCSF had earlier raised concern over the rush at bank branches and now the result is infront of us that our bank employees bear the brunt.
Wani said JKCSF is urging the govt to bring up a system to run the emergencies and other markets in a phased manner to save the lives of the people and to form a committee of Doctors and other experts who will guide the administration at this crucial juncture that when and what to open or what to close.(KNS) 

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