The unending cycle of Ceasefire violations

Peerzada Sayeed
Karnah November 06:(KNS) Year 2020 was hard for India for many reasons. It began with Shaheen Bagh protests over the controversial trinity of laws I.e; NRC, CAA and NPR. Delhi saw violence of unfathomable consequences. Then came Covid 19 due to which over hundred thousand people lost their lives, and further decelerated the pace of economic growth leading to several hundred thousand people losing their jobs. The tussle with China at the Galwan valley that led to death of 20 Indian soldiers had pushed the two nuclear giants at the brink of war. The social polarity is historically high and violence against women saw new highs in the form of incidents like Hathras of UP.
But there is yet another challenge that people of Karnah are facing since inception of independence I.e; ceasefire violations. As per the data collected the police station Tangdar, Year 2020 alone saw ceasefire violated 8 times by the Pakistan. With 2 casualties of Mohd. Yaqoob Mir and Arif Chechi and over dozen of people being injured, year 2020 will be unforgetable for many who bore the brunt of it. The collateral damage is beyond anticipation. Most people lacking the bunkers, they are further exposed to the risk of lethal artillery fire, mortars and bullets flying from the other side of the border.(KNS)  

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