Tarun Chugh slams Bhagwant Mann over Barjinder Singh Parwana, Harish Singla

Chandigarh, May 02 (KNS): BJP national general secretary, Tarun Chugh has said that Bhagwant Mann government believes that the master maid of Shri Kali Mata Mandir is Barjinder Singh Parwana, who has a criminal record, and has links with the powers that break the country, then why was he not caught.

In a statement, Chugh said that for many days, Barjinder Singh Parwana and Harish Singla were posting inflammatory videos on social media. “So what was the intelligence department of Punjab Police and the Bhagwant Mann government doing? Why didn't they arrest him as a precaution? Is this the administrative failure and clumsiness of the government?”
He said that why was the permission to take out the yatra given. “If not given? So why was there no attempt to forcibly stop the operators of the voyage, provoking and provoking the society?”
“Why not arrested those who took out the procession armed with swords and weapons How did the procession reach Shrimata Kali Mandir with weapons, shouting provocative slogans? Why didn't you stop him on the way?”
“Why did the processioners armed with provocative weapons come or were brought to the Shrikala Mata Temple? Wasn't there any journey from there? Had to travel from Arya Samaj Chowk? At whose behest did the police of Bhagwant Mann Sarkar keep watching the silent spectacle?”
Chugh added that why did the top police officers remain mysterious spectators instead of chasing the provocative procession.
“Police used water cannon, tear gas and lathi charge. Why not use the means to disperse the inflammatory mob? Why were the rioters in the procession dancing when the aerial firing was taking place?Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelWhy were the police officers standing there silently?”
He said that preparations were made for a long time to gather such a huge crowd with weapons, threats were being made on social media from both sides and what was the administration doing then. 
“Harish Singhla, who announced the departure of the Yatra, With whom is the relation of both Barjinder Singh Parwana, who took out the procession with weapons, does the government know? Then under which conspiracy did the Bhagwant Mann government take the name of BJP to hide its failure, administrative failure unnecessarily?”
He added that it is clearly seen in the video that the leaders of the procession with weapons fired swords at the temple staff, shopkeepers and devotees and injured them, so there is no travel or travel car and Harish is not Singhala, then why this attack and why the silence of the police on the attacker
“Was this incident done to divert attention under some conspiracy to hide the failures of 45 days of Bhagwant Mann government of AAP? The social media post of Aam Aadmi Party's social media head Harpreet Singh Bedi has exposed an anti-Nakhtanist and anti-national face, what is the truth?”
Chugh said that on February 18, former chief minister Charanjit Singh Channi had talked about the connection of Aam Aadmi Party with Khalistanis and started the investigation of the letter written by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, 'Sikh for Justice', what truth came out from the investigation? “Why did Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann not tell the people of Punjab?” (KNS)

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