Tanvir Sadiq concerned over rising water levels in Dal Lake

Asks Admin to take mitigation measures to save life and property of lake dwellers

Asks Admin to take mitigation measures to save life and property of lake dwellers

 Srinagar, 01July(KNS): Jammu & Kashmir National Conference Chief Spokesperson and I/C Zadibal Tanvir Sadiq on Saturday expressed concern over the rising water level in Dal Lake, saying the locals are under strain as they fear loss of dwellings and livelihood. 

Expressing concern over the situation, Tanvir said that due to rising water level people of Mir Bahri and other interior areas of Dal are facing great difficulties. “Nearly 75 percent of the vegetable cultivation in the area has been damaged and there is also a serious threat to the cultivation of Nadru. The local population of the area are staring at an uncertain future  in wake of the rising water level and its implication on their livelihoods. Their daily activities have also been constrained and at various places in the deep interiors, entire neighbourhoods have been disconnected from the surrounding areas. People are worried by the safety of their kids and elderly,” he said. 

He urged the administration to take necessary measures to mitigate the looming threat in the area in and around the lake. “Normally, the water level remains below 9 feet. However, a couple of days before the G20 event in Srinagar, the water level rose above10 feet and has not been reduced since then. According to residents, if the water level continues to increase, dozens of vegetable gardens located in the lake will be submerged,” he added. 

Tanveer Sadiq attributed the unfolding  to the negligence of the government , which he castigated for shelving the Jhelum flood control project.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp Channel“Few hours of rain, and the city presents an inundated look. It takes only a few hours of rain for the Jhelum to cross its flood mark.  Had the Jhelum Flood Control Project been executed in time, the risk would have been mitigated. However the stakeholder departments are standing on their hands and doing nothing to complete the works under the project."

He said that 1623 crore rupees have been approved by the Center for the comprehensive flood management works of river Jhelum (Phase II, Part A) and the first instalment of 114 crore was also allocated for this important project in March 2022, but the situation remains as it was. The lack of dredging, embankment repair and other flood prevention works in Jhelum is a sign of government incompetence. Unfortunately it is the people who have to bear the brunt. Beautifying the Jhelum embankments under Smart City won't serve any purpose until the Jhelum Flood Control Plan is complete. As long as the carrying capacity of our rivers and lakes is not enhanced, there is no way we can evade the threat of floods. Therefore I request the LG administration to come up with a comprehensive short term as well as long term response for the problems faced by the Dal dwellers,” he said.(KNS).

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