STs deliberately left out in BDC reservation quota: Kadfeen

Srinagar October 29:(KNS) Congress leader Kadfeen Choudhary on Thursday slammed the government over leaving District Budgam's ST community in lurch in terms of reservation in BDC elections.

Kadfeen in a statement said that it is ironic to find how dubious policies are at play when it comes to according justice to the depressed classes of the society.

He said that there is a greater need to give equal opportunities to the downtrodden so that they no longer feel alienated and hounded in any manner.

Kadfeen demanded that the reservation must be given to the ST category of Budgam just like same has been provided to other districts.

He said that there are fears that there is an unholy Nexus between few beaurucrats and politicians who for the vested interests are leaving the Scheduled Tribes in lurch. Kadfeen said that the government must rectify the wrongs so that these people aren't deprived in any manner.( 

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