Soz hails AMK For Solemnizing 103rd anniversary of Hajni

Srinagar, June 22 (KNS): Senior congress leader and former union minister professor Saif U Din Soz on Monday sad that “ I Congratulate Adabi Markaz Kamraz For Solemnizing 123rd Birth Anniversary of An Illustrious Son of Kashmir, Late Prof. Mohiuddin Hajini; That Falls Today: Soz
In a statement issued to KNS he said An illustrious son of Kashmir, Prof. Mohiuddin Hajini, was a genius of his times. He was a multifaceted personality!
When he founded Adabi Markaz Kamraz, I was one of the first ones to be associated with it and I remember having attended the conferences with him at Hajin, Bandipora, Baramulla and Sopore and elsewhere.
Prof. Hajini was well versed in Kashmiri history and was abreast of cultural moorings of Kashmiris.
Not many people know that he wielded a powerful pen in English language.
When J&K Govt. appointed Commission of Enquiry (Gajendragadkar Commission) on November 6, 1967, to enquire into service matters, he prepared a memorandum and wanted the then Plebiscite Front to present the same to the Commission.
Mirza Mohammad Afzal Beg had argued with him that the Front was fighting for bigger goals and it would not appear before the Commission.
That great man then travelled to Baramulla and made me present the Memorandum to the Gajendragadkar Commission. I presented a memorandum to Gajendragadkar Commission on 13th June, 1968 as I was then spearheading a movement for emancipation of Backward Classes, in J&K State.
Kashmir University could undertake the task of translating Prof. Hajini’s literary works in Kashmiri such as Maqalat, the Book of Kashmiri prose etc. into English so that a wide variety of people appreciate Prof. Hajini’s contribution to enrich Kashmiri’s culture, language, literature and history.
Since the present day generation of learners at the Universities and colleges in J&K don’t seem to be abreast of important episodes of their history and culture, I thought of Kashmir University undertaking this task.” (KNS)


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