Socio-Political organisations, leaders welcome political reservation for STs

Srinagar, May 07 (KNS): The political reservation for Scheduled Tribes in the legislative assembly of Jammu and Kashmir recommended by the delimitation commission has been welcomed by serval Socio-political organisation and leaders, terming it as a historic step for inclusive development and empowerment of the marginalised tribal communities. 

They, however, rued the successive establishments for not implementing the political reservation for the last 30 years since communities were notified as STs after prolonged struggle. 
Dr Javed Rahi, Secretary J&K Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation (TRCF), a premier organisation associated with welfare of STs termed the historic step a boon for empowerment and welfare of downtrodden Gujjar and Bakkerwal communities among other tribes. 
He stated that reservation of 6 assembly segments in Jammu and 3 in Kashmir will pave way for much required participation of STs in law making process, planning and development. 
Yaseen Poswal, General Secretary, Jammu and Kashmir Gujjar Bakkerwal Conference stated that Government of India has addressed the demands and aspirations of tribal communities of Jammu and Kashmir by reserving 10% seats in the legislative assembly for Scheduled Tribes. 
He stated that more than 31 years had passed after the Gujjar and Bakkerwals were declared as STs but successive regimes did not pay any attention to the demand for political reservation which was in vogue throughout the country. 
He also expressed gratitude to LG Manoj Sinha for proactively taking up the representation of STs with the central government. 
Advocate Mohammad Akram, General Secretary, Gujjar Bakkerwal Youth Conference, lauded the Prime Minister and Lieutenant Governor for finally delivering the promise of empowering the tribal communities in Jammu and Kashmir which was long pending due to political non-seriousness.  
He stated that Gujjars and Bakkerwals constitute 3rd largest community in Jammu and Kashmir but remained victimised due to political apathy and non-serious attitude of elected representatives as well. 
He thanked the Government and commission for finally according approval to the political representation. 
Prominent leader, Shamsher Hakla Poonchi in his statement asked for holding the political parties and leaders accountable who failed to deliver political reservation in last 31 years as the communities were declared STs on 18 April 1991 but denied political reservation by local political ecosystem for more than 3 decades. 
He thanked the Prime Minister for showing seriousness for welfare of Jammu and Kashmir tribal communities. 
Hakla also lauded the Delimitation Commission for respecting the sensitivities and understanding the ground realities. 
Youth leaders Javed Iqbal Choudhary and Shazia Choudhary, BDC/DDC members from District Rajouri while appreciating the political reservation questioned the silence of local political leaders for over last three decades on the demand of political reservation. 
They lauded the efforts of Government aimed at development and welfare of tribal communities the indication of which is clear in recently notified political reservation for tribal communities which will go a long way in their empowerment.  
Dr Naseeb Ali, General Secretary, Tribal Welfare Foundation along with senior office-bearers of the organisation appreciated the political reservation under which 9 seats have been reserved for scheduled tribes in the Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly. 
He recalled several agitations for political reservation ignored by previous State Governments under a well planned design to disempower the tribal communities. 
Senior Gujjar leader Fareed Ahmed from Mansar, Udhampur also expressed gratitude to the Delimitation Commission and Central Government for the political reservation for STs 
A large number of organisations and individuals in their public statements have lauded the political reservation for Scheduled Tribes recommended by the Delimitation Commission. (KNS)

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