Snatching livelihood of common people seems to have become top-most priority for current administration- AIP

Srinagar, 14th August:(KNS) Lambasting move of abolishing quota for Self help groups of engineers, Jammu Kashmir Awami Itehad Party admonished the decision of current administration which would result in snatching away livelihood of thousands across the region. SHGES launched in 2003 earmarked 30% of total works in government departments, corporations, autonomous bodies for Self help groups. For nearly about two decades such people had been suitably accommodated by successive Governments thereby providing them with a dignified source of sustenance. In an order dated 10th August through Administrative council, present dispensation countermanded the earlier practice thereby rendering all people associated with SHG’s jobless and sans any other avenues of income, it seems such iniquitous decisions have become the new norm lamented Party Spokesperson Sheeban Ashai. in a statement to KNS, Expressing resentment over the functioning of present day Government Awami Itehad Party leadership questioned the very motive behind such disempowering decisions which are a direct assault on means of earning basic bread and butter for scores of families. About twenty-twenty five thousand families would be affected by such a move and one has to understand this scheme was introduced to provide a means of employment for qualified youth as an alternative to Government jobs. Government was not providing them with any funding or incentives but only an opportunity to earn an honorable livelihood. It is execrably appalling that even the parent department was kept in dark and no stakeholders were ever consulted before passing the orders. Such decisions negate present regime’s tall claims of job creation and providing new avenues of livelihood for people of J&K. Despite governments Himalayan failures in every sector it seems to have taken upon themselves, to not miss any opportunity in rubbing salt in people’s wounds. Despite wrecking socio-economic and political havoc in Kashmir for over more than a year, the current administration appears to be in no mood to shun its anti-people approach. Awami Itehad Party vehemently demands immediate revocation of such an impetuous order.(KNS)

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