Senior officers call action against 2 ACDs, 11 BDOs harsh action

"funds not embezzled rather payment made above and over authorised amounts"

Srinagar, June 13 (KNS): A section of senior officers of administration call order issued by Rural Development Department as 'harsh action' of suspension of 2 ACDs and 11 BDOs saying that they have not embezzled funds rather payment made above and over authorised amounts.

According to a statement to KNS, reads, senior officers said the suspension of 13 officers including 2 ACDs and 11 BDOs of rural development department has sent shock waves across whole of jammu and kashmir.


"It is said that ‘’right to interpretation’’is a right in itself,thereby different people have luxury to interpret the order in their own ways," they said.


People having knowledge of e-FMS easily understand that it is not embezzlement by any means, rather simply payments made over and above the authorized amounts in respect of works that stand executed fully on ground and bills framed and checked in proper, they added.


"The government owes these funds to the concerned facilitators and is bound to pay the remaining amounts. If rules are emphasized upon,the person who executes a work can claim the amount immediately after completion and govt is bound to pay," they said, "This settles the debate about misappropriation or embezzlement of funds."


Further with implementation of panchayati raj act ,panchayats have been empowered fully to make payments against the works executed.At panchayat level,it is the panchayat secretary who is the first signatory and the concerned sarpanch is the final disbursing authority, they explained.


"The role of BDO has thus been limited to monitoring and appraising government about the implementation of various schemes.BDOs can’t by any rationale stop a Sarpanch from making payments when Sarpanch is backed by an Act and subsequent government orders and circulars," statement reads. 


Government has suspended these officers and this may have been done with a purpose to streamline the system and with enquiry the facts will be out and accountability will be fixed, one of the senior officers further added.


"But the social stigma these things bring in a society like ours brings more harm than benefits as it makes officers reluctant to be innovative and adhere to quick disposal because at the end of the day,insecurity brings loads of inertia with it," they rued. (KNS)

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