Self-realisation leads to peace, tranquillity: Sadhotra

REASI JUNE 07 (KNS):  General Secretary Spiritual Awareness Society of India and Former Minister Jammu and Kashmir and Ajay Kumar Sadhotra today said that spirituality is the only way to attain peace and amity, pre-requisite for harmonious growth of the mankind.

"At a time the world is grappling with the pitfalls of materialism, spirituality is the only way forward to attain the ultimate goal of life in terms of peace, Sadhotra said while addressing Satsangh at Aghar Walian in Reasi, organised to pay tribute to Late Capt Lal Chand, a great spiritualist who contributed a lot for the society. 
He exhorted the people to work for eschewing the myopic tendencies of hate and promote camaraderie between various segments of the society to make this world a better place to live in. Peace and tranquility holds key to growth and 
prosperity of the country in general and Jammu and Kashmir in particular.
Referring to the great contribution of Spiritual Head and Founder President of the Society, Dr K Krishna in promoting the campaign for attaining spirituality, Sadhotra said this has helped the people to attain spiritual bliss in a big way. He said Dr Krishna has always preached that for Aatam Gyan chanting of 'Om' is the easiest way and every spiritualist preaches for peace and oneness. 
Sadhotra cautioned against the machinations of those who are trying to divide people on religion lines, saying such elements should also adopt spirituality so that atmosphere of hatred and communal divide could be thwarted.
"Spirituality teaches us love affection with everybody because Aatama lives in everybody and when we realize this eternal truth then we can never think of hate or nurture ill will against fellow beings. He reiterated that every human being should follow spirituality for peace and amity in the larger good of humanity and to make India a strong nation.
Sadhotra prayed for peace, tranquillity and wellness of the people and high tributes were paid to Late Sh. Lal Chand Ji Prominent among those present on the occasion included S/Sh Vijay Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Manohar Lal, Mrs Neelam. (KNS) 

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