SC verdict on Article 370 disappointed J&K: Sheikh Imran

Says disconcerting that someone’s grandfather or father who left this act hollow, shamelessly proclaiming to protect it

Says disconcerting that someone’s grandfather or father who left this act hollow, shamelessly proclaiming to protect it

Srinagar, Dec 11 (KNS): Former Deputy Mayor Sheikh Imran Monday said that Supreme Court’s verdict on Article 370 disappointed people of Jammu and Kashmir.

He said months ago I raised concerns about the theatrical visits of the so-called leader to the Supreme Court, anticipating the adverse effects on our Article 370 and 35A case. Decades of deception persist, with another false narrative emerging through a review orchestrated by the so-called traditional dynastic parties and their politicians.

The latest Supreme Court decision disappointed us, with justice continuing to evade J&K. Even though Article 370 has been legally erased, it still holds a place in our social and political hopes, ambitions and aspirations, he said.

He said the Court, in its verdict, skillfully avoided addressing statehood concerns, indirectly endorsing potential misuse in J&K. He said let's collectively hope for the judiciary to cast off its facade soon. The reference in the judgment to amendments being made periodically exposes the traditional dynastic politicians and their deceptive practices.

It's disconcerting that someone's grandfather or father, who initiated amendments and left it hollow, is now proclaiming to reclaim and protect it. What a shameful situation. Corrupt traditional dynastic politicians appear to be oblivious, failing to realize that our youth sees through their rhetoric, leaving them exposed. 

He added there have been many selfies and photo ops in Supreme Court by our politicians who wanted to show that they are concerned about article 370 & 35A. 

Earlier Sheikh Imran in his tweet had said, “I am curious that how many Kashmiri so-called politicians would leave politics if we lose our case in Supreme Court? Save my tweet - they are liars and they would have lied to our people for decades but as the super court expedited our hearings they will be exposed soon because I feel we are on the verge of losing our case and it's only because of their idiotic glorifications & nonsensical strategy to fight case”.

“Normally we should have kept shut and followed a legal strategy to delay it until there would a change in Delhi but either they are absolutely fools which I doubt else they were part of BJP to help them finish even the legal hope too,” he said.

He added our people will never forget and will never forgive these so-called photo op and selfie politicians. “If we lose our case it will be our collective responsibility to name and shame every one of them. Moreover they joined INDIA Alliance which has no agenda about our article 35A and Article 370 which proves that they are only greedy for power and money,” former Deputy Mayor added. (KNS)

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