Sajjad Shaheen demands Pahari status to entire Chenab region

Banihal, Dec 25 (KNS): National Conference leader and District President Ramban Sajjad Shaheen has sought Pahari status to entire Chenab region that includes Ramban , Doda and Kishtwar districts of erstwhile district Doda, saying people living in this region speak Pahari and thus deserve to be considered for benefits of reservations as applicable to this particular category. "The residents speaking Pogli( Khahsha), Siraji, Bhaderwahi ,Bhalasvi , Kishtwari and Padri dialects should be brought under the ambit of Pahari languages and provided the benefits of reservation".

The District President Sajjad Shaheen stressed the need for considering this long standing demand of the area, saying this will particularly assuage the urges and aspirations of the youth. 

Shaheen said that the entire Chenab region has a composite culture and apart from Kashmiri and Dogri languages the main dialects spoken in these districts are Pogli (Khahsha), Siraji, Bhaderwahi, Bhalesvi, Kishtwari and Padri in addition to Gojri and Gaddi dialects.

Shaheen further said that people living in this region were facing discrimination as they faced the same hardships in education, health and other infrastructure besides inhaling the same air and drinking the same water but at the time of given opportunities in competitions, employment etc they are being deprived of the concessions and privileges as granted to and enjoyed by people living in other areas.

While speaking in working Committee meeting of party's Block Banihal, the District President assailed the present dispensation for neglecting remote areas of the erstwhile Doda district. 

Castigating the BJP lead government at the centre for dividing the people on regional and religious basis", Mr Shaheen said and urged the people to reject the elements inimical to the pluralistic ethos of Jammu and Kashmir. 

He said the state will progress as a single entity by isolating divisive forces and National Conference will continue to fight those who want to fragment society in bits and pieces for their petty political interests. (KNS)

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