RPHQ Srinagar held meeting with prosecution department at PCR Kashmir

Discusses smooth functioning of criminal justice system

Discusses smooth functioning of criminal justice system



Srinagar March 24 (KNS): RPHQ Srinagar held meeting with the Prosecution department at PCR Kashmir in which smooth functioning of the criminal justice system to address the issue of coordination between the Police and Prosecution was discussed.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of DIG CKR Srinagar Shri Sujit Kumar-IPS, besides DIG SIU Shri. Ab. Qayoom-IPS, SSP Srinagar Shri. Rakesh Balwal-IPS, SSP Ganderbal Shri. Nikhil Borkar-IPS, Shri. SSP Budgam Al-Tahir Gillani-JKPS, Dy. Director Prosecution ZPHQ Kmr Zone, Dy. Director Prosecution Srinagar/Gbl/Bud, Sr.Po ZPHQ, All Public Prosecutors/Addl.PPs/Assistant PPs of CKR Srinagar and All SDPOS(I0's)/ DySP(I0's)/ CIOS were present.

During the meeting several issues with regard to summoning of witnesses before the Hon'ble Court and expeditious disposal of criminal cases, coordination between the police and the prosecution, Timely filing of charges, Training and resources, Victim and witness support and Case management etc, were discussed.

One of the main aspects is effective coordination between the police and the prosecution. The two departments need to work together seamlessly to ensure that cases are investigated thoroughly and evidence is gathered properly, which can then be presented in court. Another important factor in the criminal justice system is the timely filing of charges. The police need to ensure that they gather enough evidence to support the charges they are filing, while the prosecution needs to ensure that the charges are filed in a timely manner and trial is being conducted expeditiously. The police and the prosecution need to have the right training and resources to do their jobs effectively. This might include training on new technologies or techniques for gathering and presenting evidence, as well as access to the latest tools and equipment. Victims and witnesses play a crucial role in the criminal justice system, and it is important that they are supported throughout the process. The interaction meeting also discussed ways to improve case management in the criminal justice system. This could include strategies for prioritizing cases based on their seriousness, as well as ways to streamline the trial process to reduce delays and ensure that justice is served in a timely manner.

It was emphasized that such meetings allows effective communication and coordination between the two departments, which is crucial for the successful prosecution of criminal cases. By working together and sharing vital information about the issues, the police and the prosecution department can ensure that cases are handled efficiently and effectively.(KNS) 

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