Rouf Bhat pays tribute to 1931 martyrs

Srinagar, July 13 (KNS): Peoples democratic party leader Rouf Bhat ‘Changing Govt calendars cannot belittle reverence for July 13 brave hearts, shall continue to live in peoples’ hearts ‘The memory of 13th July martyrs cannot be erased by changing the government calendar of holidays as they will live forever in the hearts and memories of every freedom loving Democrat.
in a statement issued to KNS Bhat, Our voices have been ignored, our institutions erased. We cannot afford to remain silent any longer. We must act now to restore our dignity and take charge of our own destinies,”#martyrs laid down their lives for the empowerment of the people of J&K and that it is tragic that the myopic and communal actions of the present government demolished with one stroke on August 5, all the progress that had been achieved in the last seven decades. (KNS)

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