Rouf Bhat condemns Srinagar acid attack, Demands strict punishment for the culprits

Srinagar, Feb 3 :(KNS)  People’s Democratic party senior leader Rouf Bhat on Thursday strongly condemned the acid attack on a young girl which took place on Tuesday at Eidgah Srinagar.

In a statement issued to Kashmir News Service (KNS),  Bhat  said that the act is highly condemnable and extremely Barabarious.

Such acts are a menace for every society and these acts should be stopped at once so that people especially women would feel safe in their environment, he added.

Meanwhile, he demanded a strict and severe punishment for the culprits so that no such heinous crime would take place in the future again to any innocent.

Bhat said that everyone should stand against such crimes as it is a grave concern for every citizen. All the leaders should come forward and condemn and protest such acts so that the victim would be given justice as per law.

He further said that the family of the victim should be given full support and compensation by the authorities and the culprits should be dealt as per law.(KNS)

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