Roshni Act:Hold the leaders of that time responsible for it, not people: Altaf Bukhari

Aadil Dar

Srinagar, November 26 (KNS): Two days after Government started wrestling against Roshni Act beneficiaries, Altaf Bukhari has asked Government to hold the regime who came up with Roshni Act responsible not the people.
" it is true it was an act. People who had availed it's benefit properly should not be harmed . Government should hold rulling politicians of that time responsible for the wrongdoings who came up with the Act not common people," he told reporters in Tangmarg area during a campaigning for Apni party candidates. He was accompanied by Vice President Apni party Ghulam Hassan Mir and Senior leader, Muhammad Dilawar Mir.

Without naming PAGD leaders, he advised them to retire, "We have come here to seek votes for our candidate. The era of emotional politics is over and it is time for Politics of reality. In last 72 years our leaders gave emotional slogans and never fullfilled them. It became a reason for youngestors to loose their lives. They should retire now from politics," he said, "They are now taking about unity; we have seen their unity.This is just unity for chairs. They are claiming unity for Kashmir now. Why are they raising emotive slogans in this election. This election is for water, roads and other essentials. Earlier in 2014 they sought votes to keep this and that party away, now they are raising issue of 35A and 370. They have failed. They should be ashamed of their acts. They should retire from politics."

He also said Apni party is fighting for article 370 and 35A and will keep fighting for it with relevant quarters like taking up the issue with Home Minister and Prime Minister.
On being asked about the BJP saying Article 370 has been buried in grave, he said, " for us August 5 is a black day. Some of our people in Supreme Court have already petitioned Supreme Court like others. and God willing it will be in our favour"(KNS) 

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