Rescue, rehabilitation campaign of child, adolescent labour held in Bandipora

Bandipora, November 28 (KNS):  On the directions of Deputy Commissioner Bandipora Dr. Owais Ahmed, a rescue and rehabilitation campaign was  held in Bandipora on Tuesday. 

The campaign held in collaboration of  various departments, aimed to address the pressing issue of child labour and ensure the well-being of affected children.

Officials from Child Welfare Committee (CWC), Bandipora led by its chairperson Dr Asima Hassan, members Hashim Ahmad and Ms Shehnaz, officials from District Child Protection Unit, Gowhar Ahamd and Saqib Ahmad, officials from Police, Labour Department, Revenue, and the Anti Human Trafficking Unit Bandipora joined hands to execute the campaign effectively. 

Their combined expertise and resources were instrumental in achieving positive results during the campaign. 

During the campaign several  children were rescued from exploitative work conditions. The rescued children will now undergo a comprehensive rehabilitation process to provide them with the necessary support and opportunities for their holistic development.

Chairperson CWC Bandipora Dr Asima Hassan said that the campaign emphasizes the significance of education, healthcare, and a safe environment for these rescued children.Click Here To Follow Our WhatsApp ChannelEfforts will be made to reintegrate them into society and provide them with access to quality education, healthcare services, and a nurturing environment that fosters their overall well-being, she added.

The collaborative efforts of the participating departments underscore the commitment of the Bandipora district administration  to eradicate child labour and protect the rights of every child by addressing the root causes of child labour and implementing robust rehabilitation programs in order  to create a safer and more secure future for children across the region.

This successful campaign in District Bandipora serves as an inspiration and a testament to the collective determination to eliminate child labour. It sends a strong message that child exploitation will not be tolerated, and the welfare of children remains a top priority for the authorities and other stakeholders involved.

Dr Asima Hassan credited District Child Protection Officer Hidayatullah Mir and Assistant Labor Commissioner, Bandipora Arif Hussain for making the campaign successful.(KNS)

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