Rehbar-e-Khel teachers worst victim of exploitation by the authorities: Vakil

Come up with comprehensive plan for mitigating suffering of daily wagers: Vakil to Government

Come up with comprehensive plan for mitigating suffering of daily wagers: Vakil to Government

Srinagar January 29:(KNS) Senior Vice President People’s Conference (PC) and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil today expressed his deep concern over injustice with aspirants adopted under the Rehbar-e-Khel policy (scheme) by the government. Vakil said they are exploited and are being paid peanuts by the authorities. 

The highly educated and qualified youth are only getting 100 rupees as daily wages which is a shame for the government.Vakil described as illogical the paltry monthly remuneration of Rs 3000 is even lesser than the per day minimum wages as well. Vakil said engagement of 3,000 such workers under the Rehbar-e-Khel Scheme has made almost equal numbers of families suffer during these times of recession.  


Pulling life on such meager wages is incomprehensible and is mere injustice. These appointees deserve all the compassion and care, especially for the role they were playing towards the growth of the younger generation. Vakil added. 


“All these candidates have been rendering their services with complete dedication for the past three years but unfortunately they have become the worst victim of exploitation by the authorities, Vakil added

Vakil demanded regularization of their services and should be placed in the same mode as that of Physical Education Teachers. 

Former Minister also accused the government of failing to announce a comprehensive plan for mitigating sufferings of daily wagers working in different departments, Anganwari workers and helpers. "It is surprising and unfortunate that the government is not releasing wages to those daily wagers who are working in different departments especially PDD, PHE, PWD, Agriculture, Fisheries and Forest. Although it is these people who run the departments, make them functional and serve the people." Aanganwari workers and helpers too are suffering because of “government’s indifferent attitude” towards them, facing hardships as they too are deprived of their salaries, Vakil added. 

Vakil appealed LG Manoj Sinha to come up with comprehensive plan for mitigating suffering of daily wagers and other classes of appointees in different departments. (KNS) 

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