PSAJK welcomes formation of SCERT

‘Will strengthen education at grass root level, improve overall quality’

Srinagar, August 30 (KNS): Private Schools’ Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) today welcomed the formation of State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) by merging State Institutes of Education Jammu and Kashmir.
The Association termed the establishment of SCERT as an important step towards improving the quality of education. “Establishment of SCERT was need of the hour and long overdue. This vital policy intervention will bring far reaching changes in our education sector,” said G N Var president PSAJK.
according to statement issued to KNS reads “The disbanded SIE’s had become non-productive and parking lot for some officials. It is a good thing that government realised the need of SCERT and took a major step towards it.”
The Association thanked the officials especially Principal Secretary School Education Dr Asgar Samoon who worked hard and went overboard to get SCERT formed within a short span of time. “Our elementary education has been one of our weak links and the formation of SCERT will help there,” said Var.
The Association hoped that the private will get due representation in the new scheme of things so that the true goal of inclusive education is realised. “In student population and even reach, private sector is unmatched and their presence is in every town and city. We hope that private school representation is ensured so that students from both government and private schools are benefited alike,” said Var.
The Association said that SCERT will assist in implementation of policies and programmes for human resource development in the field of education, human and child development on the analogy of NCERT. “Now we will have a dedicated body to look after various aspects of curriculum development, health and physical education, guidance and counselling, and inclusive and special education, which is a win win situation for all,” said Var.
The Association said that majority of teachers in government are lacking modern training in teaching and we hope that SCERT will mentor 1.34 lakh in-service teachers through various professional trainings, capacity building programmes, induction courses, contentment enrichment and contemporary trends and techniques for ensuring quality education. “When a teacher is trained, students will automatically be benefited. This will not only increase our overall education quality but also push pass percentage towards upper side,” said Var. (KNS)


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