Provisional admission of few ineligible PG aspirants cancelled 3 months ago: KU spokesperson

Srinagar, Mar 15 (KNS): The provisional admission of a few ineligible PG aspirants has been cancelled three months ago and the concerned students were informed about the decision well in time.
A KU spokesperson said in a statement to Kashmir News Service (KNS), said, that the notification for PG admission 2021 was floated in accordance with the UGC guidelines which mandated that the applicants must have requisite 24 credits at the UG level in Core and Generic Electives for their eligibility for the PG admissions.
The admission notice to make provisional admissions in line with the newly-introduced credit system was accordingly issued by the Directorate of Admissions which, among other eligibility provisions, appropriately mentioned that the aspirants must have 24 requisite credits in the specific subject at the UG level as eligibility for the PG admission.
Since all admissions made are purely provisional and subject to necessary verification of documents/information submitted by the aspirants, it came into the notice of the University administration during the course of this verification process that around 14 candidates, as reported to the University Administration, had less credits than mandatory 24 credits, as found deficient at time of verification of transcripts and had therefore misled the University with false information. 
Such students were immediately thereafter formally intimated that their admission stands cancelled due to basic eligibility issues. 
In view of some recent news reports suggesting that the number of such admissions was allegedly high, the Vice-Chancellor's Secretariat convened a meeting of the Admission Advisory Committee on 14.03.2022 under the chairmanship of Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Prof Talat Ahmad. The meeting unanimously reiterated that admission of ineligible aspirants had already been cancelled three months ago, while the members desired that a notice must be sent to all HODs to cross-check the claims made in news reports about the number of such admissions being allegedly high. The said notice was on Monday issued in the same spirit wherein HODs were requested to furnish credit details of all PG aspirants.
It is reiterated that the University has a very transparent system of admissions which includes a highly-transparent entrance examination followed by multiple-level check of documents before any provisional admission is confimed as absolute.
It is in place to mention  that the IT-enabled system for admissions in the University is foolproof, tamper-proof and evolves from time to time in accordance with the requirements of the University. Necessary amendments are incorporated in the online application accordingly.(KNS) 

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