Proposed major changes in J&K constituencies by Delimitation Commission unacceptable: Hakeem

“It will further divide the people of Jammu and Kashmir, led to more sufferings”

“It will further divide the people of Jammu and Kashmir, led to more sufferings”

Srinagar, Feb 06:(KNS) Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Democratic Front (J&KPDF) and former Minister Hakeem Mohammed Yaseen on Saturday rejected proposed major changes in the assembly constituencies by Delimitation Commission and stated that such things are unacceptable to people of the region.

In a statement to Kashmir News Service (KNS) Hakeem said despite several meetings of various political parties with Delimitation Commission, where they discussed their view point regarding the same but the commission has totally neglected those demands.

“They have ignored all the demands. There is need for immediate review of such decisions and it is not accepted to people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

The senior leader said people have still hope from the Delimitation Commission as they are independent body but further divide in existing constituencies will not be accepted at all. It will further led to sufferings of the common man,” he said.

“Delimitation Commission have proposed draft without knowing the ground situation and geography. It seems there is no planning and long term stragedy before them and people are being further divided,” he said.

Hakeem said the main aim was of the commission was to deliver justice to people but such harsh decisions people of Jammu and Kashmir will suffer more.

The J&KPDF Chairman appealed Prime Minister, Home Minister and Election Commission of India to intervene in the matter and so that the delimitation commission can review their decision.

“People of region have already suffered a lot and to move out from the sufferings, government has important role,” he said.

"There is a need to review the draft again and such results are acceptable to people of Jammu and Kashmir. It is injustice with the people who had many expectations from the central government," he said.

Hakeem said those who are raising empty slogans should think about what their illogical decisions have done to the lives of common Kashmiris. (KNS) 

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