Prices of essential commodities sky rocket Arif Laigroo

Srinagar March 03:(KNS) PDP youth Secretary Arif Laigaroo has expressed concern over rising of the prices of essential commodities in Kashmir and authorities are not taking any action to stop that.


 “There is no control on the prices and buyers are being compelled,” Laigaroo said adding that he received many calls on Wednesday from of people complaining that besides vegetables the prices of chicken, beef and fish prices have also been increased.


PDP leader said that rates of Spinach, green chilies and cucumber have been doubled by sellers. “It is quite disgrace that the authorities have failed so far to control the price of essential commodities,” he said and demanded immediate end price hike.


He added that the retailers are not the only cause for the overpricing, but the wholesalers are the equal shareholders in the sky touching rates. He said that lockdown or no lockdown, consumers are always fleeced by retailers.


He said local bread makers and other retailers have increased the prices on their own whims and wishes with market checking squads seen invisible in the markets.(KNS) 

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